Peter Hogan is a first year MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Memphis. He is a past Genre Editor and current Senior Genre Editor at The Pinch Literary Journal. He was nominated by the program for the 2016 AWP Intro to Journals Contest.

A Prose Poem

By Peter Hogan


My God your house is tidy! Quite a cornucopiaic suaveness
to that tabernacle placement, it glows. It really does. You have a soft touch
for staining glass, but there’s far too much marble in here
and that pew has been creaking since I’ve arrived.

What kind of mantel piece is this! An opened-arm man with nail bracelets,
his face carved as if every shred of human weight lay upon his brow.
This is not the stuff of dinner conversations. Your guest should bathe
in the light of this room. This is a sanctuary is it not?

There has to be something done about all the negative energy in here.
I suggest a more nucleic focus.

Shatter the podiums. Level the alter. Recycle the wood into a grand table!
Prop the doors open with hymnals and quintuple your challis inventory.
Keep the organ. Flood the offering baskets with bread.
Let us feast! These acoustic walls cannot stand without song.