Mahima Kapoor is a college student living in Delhi, India. She identifies herself as a feminist, is an avid reader and is very passionate about poetry. Reading, for her, is not just a way to unwind after a long day, but something she can’t live without doing. She also writes a lot, is socially awkward, and as such, loves to lose herself in books, ink, and her own words, away from the world outside and yet a part of it.

A Prose Poem

By Mahima Kapoor


You’ve always been like that intricate pattern of knitting that my
Dadi finds out from a magazine and perfectly imprints into a real
Sweater that is always a little too loose on my body, the arms long
Enough to flap around, and cover my little hands so that I don’t
Feel cold where she knows I feel the coldest, and it’s a cocoon for
My body, never touching the crevices between the curves, but still
Spreading heat everywhere I’ll need it to be warm enough to face
The frigidness of winters, but no matter how much I try to
Understand the pattern that my Dadi has so seamlessly knit to
Make sure I’m bundled up, I cannot fathom how she turned the
Labyrinthine knots into something that, granted, never makes my
Body look appealing, but always, without fail, keeps me snug and
Cozy, as if the warmth of the winter sun has seeped into its folds
And from there found its way into my skin, and you’ve been like
These sweaters for as long as I have known you; everything about
You has bewildered me and made it impossible for me to know who
You really are and to understand who you are to me, but I know that
You have sheltered me from the misty evenings of winter, and that
You have been to me the winter sun that swelters around me like
Fire, whose lapping flames dance on whatever skin is left naked, and
You’ve been the winter sun that has shown me that I don’t need to
Burn in the cold, and that winters are not just the freezing melancholic
Nights, but even though you have cocooned me in your warmth,
You’re still just a part of winter, and as soon as spring shows its signs,
You will melt away like the snow, become a part of warm memories,
And that’s just how I want to remember you, when summer comes,
Just as memories, because you’re just like my Dadi’s sweaters
Whose warmth in summers turns into the warmth of the summer sun,
Sweltering and scorching, making me put them away, and once winter
Is gone, you seem to harness the searing rays of the sun that I can only
Turn away from, and in that way and every other conceivable way,
You’re just like my Dadi’s sweaters – my cocoon only in certain winters.