If your work is accepted for our biannual, online literary magazine here an example of the contract you can expect to receive.

Mulberry Fork Review Online Literary Magazine Publication Contract

The following agreement was made this number day of month, year between Name, Address, Email, Phone; hereinafter referred to as the Author; and Mulberry Fork Review, website:  //www.mulberryforkreview.com/ (hereinafter referred to as the Website); email: contact@mulberryforkreview.com;  hereinafter referred to as the Publisher.

The Author hereby grants the Publisher First Electronic Rights for the Work entitled: Title, hereinafter referred to as the Work.

The Publisher retains the right for one-time publication in an electronic issue of Mulberry Fork Review, tentative publication date of: Date. All rights revert back to the author after publication. However, the Publisher retains the non-exclusive right to indefinitely archive the electronic issue containing the Work on the Website. Following publication at Mulberry Fork Review, the Author may publish the work elsewhere but the Publisher asks that first publication credit be given to Mulberry Fork Review by any subsequent publishers.

In the event that the Publisher is no longer active, the Website may be closed and the work may no longer be archived. In the event that the Website is closed, out of courtesy, an attempt will be made to notify the Author but the Publisher retains the right to close the Website without prior notification.

The Publisher reserves the right to proofread the Work for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The Publisher will NOT make significant changes to the work without the consent of the Author. Prior to publication a proof of the Work will be made available to the Author for final approval, however, if the Author does not contact the Publisher with either final approval or an editorial counter proposal (via email or otherwise) within 72 hours, the Publisher reserves the right to publish without final approval of any changes that have been made to the Work. The Author may contact the Publisher regarding the possibility of extending the 72 hour deadline. An extension will be granted if and only if the extension does not delay scheduled publication.

Mulberry Fork Review Online Literary Magazine is currently a non-paying market.

By accepting this agreement the Author represents that he is the sole proprietor of the Work and that the Work to the best of his knowledge does not contain any libelous matter and does not violate the civil rights of any person or persons, does not infringe any existing copyright and has not heretofore been published in any form including but not limited to – online, print, broadcast. The Author shall hold harmless and indemnify the publisher from any recovery finally sustained by reason of any violations of copyright or other property of personal right; provided, however, that the Publisher shall with all reasonable promptness notify the Author of any claim or suit which may involve the warranties of the Author hereunder; and the Author agrees fully to cooperate in the defense thereof.