Frances Sismondo is currently working on earning a Masters degree in Anthropology at California State University, Fullerton. She attended University of North Texas where she earned her Bachelors degree in History.  She lives in Garland, Texas with her husband Michael. She is currently working full time in Auto Finance. Inspiration derived from readings of Ginsberg, and the happenings of today’s world.

A Prose Poem

By Frances Sismondo


I saw the molten mesh of a mind of man today, grabbing, holding, feeling, looking, wandering aimless.

Squeezing and pushing the ooze leaking from his head, not sure of what it is, but must be held in his grubby greedy hands, just in case this guey ooze is important, it must be,so he thinks.

No questioning, never doubting, bragging, stalling, lying, in denial he…who forgot slavery ended, no more indentured servants, in his head employee not a real word, not in his dictionary.

Who gives upward mobility to Lucy Loose and the red head the blonde too, oh and the brunette,  even the woman in the cubicle to my right.

He who lends money at two hundred percent, who forgot to give me a paycheck unless the job is a blow or head.

Who at the company party banged a minor, then his wife, after 6 shots and a snort the person that sits in the cubicle to my left, who later realized the cubicle to my left sits a he just like him.

He who has no higher authority except Lucifer himself, but a promotion to that throne since day one he has sought.