Matt Roberts, Ph.D., is Research Coordinator at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson, Mississippi where he directs and conducts research regarding species of conservation concern in the Southeastern United States. He was born in Downs, IL where observations of local ecology led to questions he thought only science could answer. His technical writings can be found in The American Midland Naturalist, Copeia, Ecography, Ecology of Freshwater Fish, and North American Journal of Fisheries Management. He has become interested in other methods of studying interactions, poetry being one.

A Prose Poem

By Matt Roberts


Walking out into life’s morning, possibilities arise as mists from the river. Opportunity, the dew of possibility, suffuses us. We are called, as the sun, to rise to the occasion. From heightened perspective, under intensified gaze, awareness of ephemerality ascends.

To suffer is to grasp at departing mists. Even as our fingers drip with dew, it too, must evaporate from that which is already saturated. When morning has birthed the day, we have already absorbed that which makes us whole.