Ariana Winkle has been published in various anthologies and has self-published one book titled Showering Despite the Fact I am Dead. They plan to continue writing in the future and hope for it to be a career. Currently they are a first-year student at Michigan State University where they study Horse Management.

A Flash Fiction

By Ariana Winkle


I will collect every bobby pin you have left on my floor and use them for acupuncture before
selling them on ebay under the title: genuine suicide attempt weapon.
I am almost positive this home remedy to cure the acute pain you left between my shoulder
blades and under my nails will lead to an infection then a hospital visit that will lead to mrsa or
maybe hepatitis. I will sell this medication on eBay under the premise that they are hair growth

I will do this if you do not come get your books from under my mattress and your voice from my
brain because I’d rather have debilitating tinnitus than a constant reminder that my carpet will
never be free of your hair. I will not sell your hair on eBay in fear that someone will clone you
and that your clone will be my sugar baby in eighteen years. Instead, I will tear my carpet from
my floor, bobby pins still jammed under my nail beds and burn it in effigy to the last six years in
the kitchen sink.